Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t print my ticket or find my email confirmation?
If you do not have access to a printer or do not want to print your tickets, you can check-in at the homes by showing the email confirmation on your smartphone or tablet, or by giving your name or email address at the door.  If you cannot locate your email confirmation, send an email to with the name and email address the order was placed under and we can resend it to you.

How many days are the tickets good for?
Each ticket is good for all 7 days of the Showcase, one entry per home, plus re-entry to two homes of your choice.

Do I have to purchase a ticket for my child?
If your child is small enough to be carried throughout the entire Showcase, then you do not need to purchase a ticket. However, if the child will be walking through the homes, you will need to purchase a ticket for them.

Where can I get the Park City Showcase Magazine?
The Park City Showcase Magazine is available at all of the homes, as well as hotels and visitor centers throughout Park City and Heber.

What do the $$$$ symbols mean in the Showcase Magazine?
New this year, homes are categorized into four tiers based on the price of the unfurnished home including the lot. If the house is for sale, the real estate agent will have more pricing details available at the home.
$$$$ – $2 million and up
$$$$ – $1 million to $2 million
$$$$ – $500,000 to $1 million
$$$$ – under $500,000

Where can I get the Park City Showcase app and why should I use it?
You can scan the QR code in the Showcase of Homes Magazine, or search for “Park City Showcase” in your app store on your smartphone or tablet.

Can I just follow the signs on the road or do I need to follow the map?
Although we try to have clear signage, we do not suggest you rely on them alone. Signs often get turned, blown over or moved so they are best used as a supplement to the map.

Why are some of the houses outside of Park City?
The Park City Area Showcase of Homes is produced by the Park City Area Home Builders Association which encompasses Summit, Wasatch and Duchesne counties. Therefore, if there is a home outside of Park City but still within those counties, we are happy to include them in our Showcase.

Why are floor plans not available?
The homes that are part of the Park City Area Showcase are custom homes and the floor plans and designs are the property of the builder, architect and/or home designer. Just as an artist does not want his/her work copied without consent, neither do our builders.

Do I have to wear booties?
It is at the discretion of the builder and the home owner. Some will require booties, some will allow bare or socked feet and others may not have any requirement. We encourage you to get a pair of booties at your first home and take them with you to use throughout the Showcase. Please be sure to remove them immediately after exiting each home so you do not track dirt and debris into the next home.